pottery is our nature


We breathe design and nature. That’s why we develop unique elements, mainly ceramics, wood, wicker or glass. These interior objects offer you countless possibilities to infuse your home with green. No matter if you live in the countryside or in a modern urban hide-out where every inch matters. And do not forget to add a touch of design to your outdoor setting if you have a garden or a terrace.  

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d&mboho city loft



Sumeyye Ata is a creative allround designer and art director from Antwerp. Light, open, fresh and homey, that’s her interior style in a nutshell. She lets Japanese and Scandinavian touches influence her in the design. Glass, wood, wicker and natural colours are perfect accessories. 

d&minterior and plants



Plants are one of the most important elements to create atmosphere in your interior. Bigger house plants are real statement pieces but they are not cheap. It’s kind of an investment, so you’d better invest in a nice pot as well. If you look after them, you’ll be able to cherish these plants for a long time.